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Here is a new giveaway :D
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Yes, I know it is a little bit longer than I used to do, but I will be on my vacations.

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last night i had a harry potter x final fantasy x spongebob highschool au dream

what was i smoking

Hey, i’ve been wanting to read the batman comics where robin is jason todd and then tim drake but i honestly do not know where to start, which ones to read and where to get them. I’ve also been wanting to read the comics about harley quinn as well

can anyone lend a hand?

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Fables: From comics to game [1/?]

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Name: Casey
Nickname: Dwiddle, chutton
Location: Pennsylvania
Height: 5’2
Any pets: 2 cats and 1 dog
Favourite thing about yourself: my need to have fun and be happy
Worst habit: My constant need to put myself down out of nowhere and from somewhere
Fun fact: all i do is play games

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: cis female
Sexual preference: i’m attracted to all genders
Romantic preference: see the above ^^^
"Kinsey Scale" score: not really a fan of this scale
Relationship status: single
Myers/Briggs type: infj
Hogwarts house: pottermore gave me griffindor so i’m going with that


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": i’m doing this at 1:30am
Morning routine: wake up, grab a soda and get on the laptop
Bath or shower: showering
First thought in a morning: what did I dream about and can i write a story about it
Last thought before falling asleep at night: whatever i decided to dream about before bed


Do you work or are you a student: a student who makes money with my dad and is going to have an internship making a game
Where do you work/study: SciTech
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: creating video games and writing stories while trying to make a living

Habits (Do you … )

Drink: i tried some and didnt like the taste of the ones i did (lookin at you mike’s hard lemonade)
Smoke: no not for me
Do Drugs: nope
Exercise: i need to more but i sometimes walk
Have a go-to comfort food: buttered and breadcrumbed noodles or popcorn
Have a nervous habit: super fast heartbeat, start to sweat and start stuttering/speaking fast and shaking

What is your favourite … ?

Physical quality (in yourself): my nails

In Others: dont have one for others (maybe hairstyle but not really thats just bonus)

Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): when i dont think badly about myself i’m usually super happy and i pump myself and other up

Food: Buttered and breadcrumbed noodles!!!
Drink: either Sprite or Strawberry Kiwi juicy juice
Animal: BIRDS!!!
Artist/Band/Group: Ninja Sex Party
Author/Poet: actually do not have one (i just read)
TV Show: weeaboo show/Fullmetal Alchemist, non weeaboo show/It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Actor/Actress: Mark Ruffalo <3

What is your favourite anime?

Oh hi~

I do like a lot of anime so it is hard to choose just one, but if I had to, I guess I would go with Fullmetal Alchemist

so then I guess, link and young link (because the zelda games) also zelda/sheik, ganondorf if you feel like it why not (for smash bros ask)

Link: A game or a part of a game that really tested my courage.

I could say any horror game that I like *cough*SilentHill*cough* but I think I’d rather go with the sewers in Fragile Dreams. Eerie, alone, with horrible weapons and ghosts everywhere

Young Link: A game that I consider my childhood

My main three games from my childhood have to be Majora’s Mask, Yoshi’s Story and Mario Tennis, when I think of my kid days those are what always were there

Zelda: A game that had the most or one of the most perplexing puzzles.

Professor Layton

Sheik: A plot twist I really like

The endings of The Witch’s House and Silent Hill Shatterd Memories, those messed me up real good

Ganondorf: An item from a game I’d do anything to have

I’d have to say pins that actually can do what they do in game from TWEWY is it bad bayonetta’s glasses are what i really want?

Mr. Game & Watch

Classic games or Modern games?

Oh man giving me a toughy! Both have such great games and then they have not so great games

I guess I’d go with modern games, since they can bring in any elements from classic games as well as creating new things

the main characters from the nintendo game nearest where you're sitting/laying, or the game you most recently played

Most recent game?


My sweet pea clementine from The Walking Dead Game

From the closest nintendo game near me?

Link from 3 different zelda games like geez

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Send me a Smash Brother and I'll tell you:
Mario: My favorite video game series, and favorite game in the series.
Luigi: A character I would like to see get more attention.
Peach: A character I'd like to get a kiss from.
Bowser: A boss battle that I love
Donkey Kong: A bad guy I'd like to see become good.
Diddy Kong: Favorite sidekick character, or a character I think could use a sidekick.
Yoshi: A character that I think deserves their very own spinoff series.
Wario: A character I don't like in one of my favorite series.
Link: A game or a part of a game that really tested my courage.
Zelda: A game that had the most or one of the most perplexing puzzles.
Sheik: A plot twist I really like.
Ganondorf: An item from a game I'd do anything to have.
Toon Link: A series I think could use a new look.
Samus: A character who's outfit I'd totally wear.
Zero Suit Samus: A character who I'd like more backstory for.
Pit: An older game or series I'd like to see get revived for a sequel.
Ice Climber: A game I love to play with others.
R.O.B.: My favorite gaming accessory.
Kirby: A Character who's abilities you'd love to have.
Metaknight: A gaming mystery you'd really like to see cleared up.
King Dedede: A series you can't get enough of.
Olimar: A game that feels like it took ( or is taking ) forever to be releaed.
Fox: A game you enjoy but other people don't really seem to.
Falco: A game I am unusually good at.
Wolf: A gaming Cliche I'd like to see put to rest.
Captain Falcon: Competitive multiplayer, or co-op?
Pikachu: Favorite Pokemon
Pokemon Trainer: What kind of pet I would have from the world of video games.
Lucario: A game everyone seems to enjoy but you can't get into.
Jigglypuff: A song I really like from a game.
Marth: A game I never played but would really like to.
Ike: My Smash Bros. Mains
Ness: A game I regret not experiencing when It was new.
Lucas: A game I really wish they would localize in my region.
Mr. Game &amp; Watch: Classic games, or modern games?
Snake: A cutscene I really love.
Sonic: My most wanted characters for the next Super Smash Bros. Game
Roy: A character I would replace with another character ( from the same game or a different one )
Mewtwo: A character in one of my favorite series that I wish would make another appearance
Dr. Mario: Favorite Alternate Outfit?
Pichu: Part of a game that makes me question the developer's decision making skills.
Young Link: A game that I consider my childhood.