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i seriously cannot stop laughing at that homestar runner “todaybor day is labor day” thing LIKE IT IS RUINING ME

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i cant wait in a few months people will be going to gamestop asking for a Used New 3DS

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macaroncakes replied to your post: so excited to play the walking dead se…

My condolences ;___; That sounds terrible.

bae i am so sorry

Thanks you two. Like, he’s two so I can’t really be mad at him, he didn’t know what he was doing. But, knowing how excited I was literally 10 minutes before I found out and then having this happen…

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so excited to play the walking dead season 2 finale this Wednesday but my nephew dropped my flash drive into a cup of water. This flash drive had my files for both seasons of the walking dead, resident evil and the wolf among us

I am honestly crying right now

holy shit that korra finale messed me up